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Why we are here

Barriers to communication encountered every day inspired us to set up a Community Interest Company.  We want to improve communication between deaf and hearing people and to see deaf people being able to access their local community as anyone would.  


The majority of our team are deaf and native British Sign Language users.  Each of us have fought for equality, particularly when it comes to communication. Such life experiences have allowed us to have a personal and in-depth knowledge of the specific issues that deaf people and their families face.​

In addition, the team is made up of a variety of ages, professional backgrounds. Some of us having hearing families whilst others have deafness within the family spanning three generations. Our professional background include social work assistants, healthcare assistants, sign language teachers and many more support roles.


Using our different perspectives, we recognise that people have individual needs and we pride ourselves on having the experience to support people holistically.


Breaking barriers together

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