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On Saturday the 9th November, a crowd of 25 Deaf people gathered to play a game of bowling at the Hollywood Bowl in Maidstone. A mix of children, teenagers and adults arrived at 5pm and mingled in the reception while we waited for our lanes, then drifted into three teams over three lanes to play. Everyone got to know each other and it was great to see new faces arriving, having seen our advertising or heard of us through the grapevine. 

Although not all of us were professional bowlers, everyone gave it a great go and many strikes were scored! People were helping each other out, some had the guard-rails up and some didn’t! The kids were put in a team themselves to keep it fair, but actually they scored some of the best out of all of us…

After the game, many of us ventured downstairs to Frankie and Benny's to round off the evening with burgers and chips. While some drifted off into the cold to go home, everyone was asking when the next event would be on and promised that there would be even more new faces the next time. 

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