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What an action packed day!

On the 18th of August 2019, BSL Community debuted it’s first Community event, a Picnic in Mote Park. The day was christened with sheets of rain, and didn’t show signs of stopping. But instead of pouting and calling for cancellation, the Deaf people of Kent huddled under car boots and one after another bravely sprinting to the nearby heaving cafe to pick up a round of hot drinks. 

However, the rain made a sudden disappearance and with the turn of weather, came more people to join the fun, making the total 61 people! We made our way to the climbing ropes, where the deaf children enjoyed swinging from the tree tops, never looking down or showing any signs of fear while the parents, along with the others, enjoyed homemade biscuits and a natter below the fearless rope-swingers. 

In the sunny afternoon, we made the best of the weather with 2 games of rounders. Almost everyone joined the game, even the 5 dogs that came along! 

Once everyone had calmed down after the games, some of the children cooled  off with a relaxed trip to the swan boats on the lake. One of them, in her excitement, lost her glasses over the side of the boat!

The day ended with exhausted hugs and promises to have another day out ASAP, which is already in the works for the near future, so stay posted!

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