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The day came and gone!

On the 27th October, BSL Community hosted its second event, a mini ramble at Shorne Woods Country Park. Both new and familiar faces showed up at 11am, over 30 people in total! (Not to mention the 11 crazy, happy, and eventually very muddy dogs…)

group photo of mini ramble day

We decided to take to the “red trail” around the park, which took just over an hour and a half to complete with plenty of mud, leaves, hills, steps and even a tribe circle that we all sat around. The kids expelled some energy on the plentiful nature-inspired climbing frames and poles dotted around the park, while the adults chatted with cold hands.

The group was a mix of Deaf and hearing, so it was a wonderful sight to see the integration of communities and abilities in one. As the trail continued people got to know each other well, and by time we reached the café everyone was keen for a cup of tea and a sit down. Many of us indulged in the delicious freshly cooked pizzas or deli items, and most had their hands round a warm mug in between conversation.

By time people were looking to leave, (on Deaf time, of course!) the adults were visibly more shattered than the kids, and no doubt many and early night was had around Kent. With the number of people who came to this event we are excited to see even more come along to our next event, which is just around the corner!

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