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Deaf ID cards

With the current Government guidelines now stating that all members of the public must wear face masks when in a store, D/deaf people across Kent (and the UK) have been faced with a bigger communication barrier in their lives than ever before. I'm sure you have been to a shop recently, as a hearing person or deaf, and felt isolated, anxious, and struggled to understand what is being said behind fabric and screens. It has always been our primary aim to aid communication between the deaf and hearing world, and now this has become more prominent than ever.

We have therefore created a new, exclusive Deaf ID card that highlights the needs of Deaf people, and can be used as a guideline for the hearing public to show what they need to do in order to communicate effectively with the Deaf community.

Our cards have been specially designed to be used with ease by anyone that needs to lip-read, needs gesturing and pointing to understand, or simply needs information to be written down.

If you would like a card, simply click here to be directed to our order form. The card cost just £1 - we can post them out to you, or you can collect them from our Maidstone office, or any of our regular groups that you attend.

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