About us

There are an estimated 11 Million people in the UK with hearing loss, and by 2035 it is predicted there will be around 15.6 Million (that’s 1 in 6 of us!). It is becoming increasingly important for society to understand deafness, and for deaf people to be integrated into the wider community.


B.S.L Community is led by deaf directors who themselves use BSL as a primary language. This means they have first-hand experience of the challenges and barriers that deaf people face every day, and so set up B.S.L Community to tackle the wide range of issues in our society; the deaf community.


B.S.L Community is a Community Interest Company, where profits are reinvested into the community. We are always working to be inclusive of all ages and provide stimulating projects for the deaf community in Kent.


Our primary aim is to promote awareness of deafness, and how it can impact individuals lives. By doing this we hope that more opportunities will arise for deaf people, and the lives of the deaf and their families will improve significantly.


We love to hear from the community, so please feel free to contact us.


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower deaf people through employment, workshops or one to one training and peer support. This, along with social events, will contribute towards deaf peoples’ wellbeing and reduce isolation. By promoting deaf awareness in everything we do, the wider community will be given the opportunity to become more aware; therefore closing the gap between the deaf and hearing world.



  • To raise awareness of the deaf community's needs and aspirations amongst the wider communities in the UK

  • To promote the educational, employment, training, social, civic and cultural needs of the deaf community in the UK through information, advice and guidance

  • To help the deaf community to integrate and fully participate in the host society

  • To work in partnership with other organisations to seek solutions to the barriers and problems encountered by the Deaf community in the UK

  • To inform, educate, advise, connect and help maintain the unique culture and values of the deaf community in the UK

  • To help the deaf community retain their identity while enabling them to integrate and contribute to the UK society

  • To promote social inclusion and social integration among the deaf community

  • To discourage segregation and self-marginalisation of the deaf community in the UK

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